Act Justly. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly.


Below are past sermons listed by title, series, speaker & passage. There is also a brief description of each for your convenience. Sermons are posted by the end of the day on the Monday following each Sunday. We provide audio & written files along with a pdf of the slides used. Each sermon is color coded in the text to correspond to slide changes. Enjoy!

  • Ephesians 1

    Speaker: What is the Church? What is the Church's puspose? How is God accomplishing his purpose?

  • Church Rhythms

    Speaker: What does Acts say about Church Life?

  • Sabbatical

    Speaker: Today we address what’s the reason for, and what happens when a pastor takes a sabbatical?

  • The Problem of Evil

    Speaker: In thinking on the problem of evil, we must remember, God’s working a long game of redemption - our hope’s in trusting the character of Him who made us and loves us. He’s present with us and creation all along, feels our grief and carries our burdens. We can find comfort in a trusting relationship with the One who went to the cross for us and will ultimately wipe every tear from our eyes.

  • Katartizo

    Speaker:'Katartizo' is a greek word that first appears in the Gospel in the context of mending fishing nets. How else is the word used in Scripture and what does it mean for us?

  • The Only Way

    Speaker: Today we address the question: How can Christianity claim there is only one way to God?

  • Abortion

    Speaker: In the eyes of the Creator God, all creation and human life, is valuable. So, being pro-life isn’t just being anti-abortion. Rather, it’s exactly as the moniker implies: Pro-Life across the board. Believers live to honor creation and the dignity of all humans, regardless of political policy or societal norms.

  • Science and Faith

    Speaker: Today we address the questions... Can you believe in science and also believe in the Christian faith? Are the two strictly opposed to one another, one an antiquated view of the world and the other the contemporary and educated view of how things are?

  • Enduring Message

    Speaker: How can we trust the Bible? We can trust the Bible’s God’s Word because of its enduring message. The Bible remains the primary way God teaches, encourages and guides humanity. As believers, we can be confident the message of Scripture is reliable and relevant to our lives - and live in that confidence.

  • Stop Pretending

    Speaker: If Christians love Jesus, why is there so much hurt in the church? Jesus confronted the hypocrisy of religious people and desires His disciples to walk in love. Only when we stop pretending the church is perfect can we invite Jesus to conform us more and more to His image.

  • The Judaizer in Our Minds

    Speaker: Guest Speaker, and worship leader, Eric Rapp gives us a follow up to the Galatians series. In it he addresses the 'Judaizers in Our Minds', looking that the things we tell ourselves which are not gospel truth.

  • Walk in the Spirit

    Speaker: What would it look like this week not to participate in the struggle for approval and success in any way? How would that make you different? What would it do to your emotional health and well-being? To your relationships? The answer comes in walking in the Spirit!

  • Adoption to Sonship

    Speaker: God has brought us into His household. Adopted as sons and daughters, everything is okay between us now due to Christs death and resurrection! The question is, do we live our daily lives as if that’s true?

  • Modus Operandi

    Speaker: Do you share law or grace with others? Are you a rule-keeper who judges others by how well they keep the rules, or a grace-giver overflowing with good favor and forgiveness? We must remember, only the God of all grace saves. Our witness must be focused on His grace.

  • Are We Alright?

    Speaker: We are justified by faith in Christ and nothing else. Are the challenges and decisions in your daily life clarified and guided by the faith you have in Christ, or do you pray occasionally but most of the time go it alone?

  • Sink or Run?

    Speaker: The message of the gospel is of utmost importance. Paul’s passion reveals the gospel is what he cares about most. As you listen today, think, if someone were to gauge what you care about most, based on the passion you have for it, what would that be?

  • The Eighth

    Speaker: The resurrection of Jesus shows us there’s re-creation to come. The signs in John show us God’s active in the world; now God calls us to be His sign to those around us.

  • The Sixth

    Speaker: Jesus is the resurrection and the life. God loves you so much that He is willing to experience the suffering of humanity so you can live with Him. God is at work in this world through Jesus for our salvation, and part of that salvation is that the dead in Christ shall rise.

  • The Fifth

    Speaker: Jason Guynes
    Jesus is the Light of the World. When He encountered suffering, His focus was on compassion, rather than judgment. If we follow Him, this dictates we do the same.

  • The Fourth

    Speaker: Jason Guynes
    The feeding of the five thousand reminds us that Jesus is the Bread of Life. The question is, are we, or someone we know, requesting more signs as a delay tactic to avoid placing our trust in Jesus?

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