Act Justly. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly.


Below are past sermons listed by title, series, speaker & passage. There is also a brief description of each for your convenience. Sermons are posted by the end of the day on the Monday following each Sunday. We provide audio & written files along with a pdf of the slides used. Each sermon is color coded in the text to correspond to slide changes. Enjoy!

  • The Eighth

    Speaker: Jason Guynes
    God doesn’t want us to steal anything from anyone. Yet instead of viewing this command in the negative, let’s see this commandment in the positive as God’s desire for his people to work for the good of others.

  • The Seventh

    Speaker: Jason Guynes
    God wants us to love one another, and we can’t love one another if we’re actively breaking trust in those relationships. God cares about your faithfulness. Infidelity horrifically impacts large circles of people.

  • The Sixth

    Speaker: Jason Guynes
    Exodus 20:13...You shall not murder...simple straightforward statement. Don’t murder, don’t kill people, period - ‘full stop’ if you’re British. Au contraire mon frere, we’re adept in getting around a word, are we not!?! Whenever we want to get around something we just redefine things.

  • The Fifth

    Speaker: Jason Guynes
    God cares about the family unit. Loving your neighbor includes honoring your parents.

  • The Fourth

    Speaker: Jason Guynes
    God calls His people to observe the Sabbath. The Sabbath is a gift from God - the highpoint of our week.

  • The Third

    Speaker: Jason Guynes
    The Third Commandment is about the importance of understanding a name and using it correctly. By doing so, we avoid a situation that, as followers of Jesus, we should never find ourselves in.

  • The Second

    Speaker: Jason Guynes
    This week we look at the 2nd Commandment from Exodus 20 where God calls us to worship Him alone uncompromisingly, and not to involve ourselves with false idols which only bring destruction.

  • The First

    Speaker: Jason Guynes
    This ten-week series looks at the Ten Commandments God’s given to all who love Him. As we look each week at a different commandment, we see how there’s a corresponding passage in the New Testament; reminding us, God’s way of living for us is still valid & relevant today. The Ten Commandments have not changed, and they still remain in place for us today, to follow God well, and live our best life possible.

  • The Least of All God’s People

    Speaker: Dr. Steady H. Moono
    Today we hear a message from our guest speaker, Dr. Steady H. Moono, president of SUNY Schenectady County Community College. He preaches on Ephesians 3:8: Although I am less than the least of all God’s people, this grace was given to me: to preach to the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ.

  • Redemptive Analogies

    Speaker: Jason Guynes
    Today we look at the fact that God has prepared the way for the Gospel to go out to all peoples. He’s planted a redemptive analogy among peoples in their cultures to bridge them to the Gospel! This is illustrated in Acts 17, and in many other missionary stories! The first church proclaimed that the unknown God had become known through Jesus. All truth is God’s truth; there are many things in this world which can encourage faith & lead unbelievers to Jesus.

  • By Faith Alone

    Speaker: Jason Guynes
    Sometimes things don’t go as planned. No matter how faithful you are, no matter how much attention to detail you put into your next step, the unexpected can still happen, and you can find yourself far from where you thought you’d be. The first church proclaimed salvation came through faith alone. When you’re faced with great failure, remember: all you need to do to be saved is believe in Jesus.

  • By Grace Alone

    Speaker: Jason Guynes
    How people are saved is still an important question today as it was for the early church. From the writings of Paul & in Acts 15 we see certain Jewish believers were following Paul around & after he left they’d tell the gentile converts they weren’t fully saved unless they were circumcised & followed the Law of Moses placing upon them unnecessary requirements for salvation. Today we explore more clearly the answer to the question, how are we saved?

  • All Our Hopes and Fears

    Speaker: Jason Guynes
    The theme of Messianic prophecy deeply appeals to people - many a story is written with that theme. The Gospel’s from the beginning, God defines our worldview from the start. From the beginning of Scripture we see the Good News, Glad Tidings, what we call the Euangelion. How does this give us an eternal perspective & bring hope in our time of need? How are all our hopes & fears of all the years met in Jesus?

  • Clean or Unclean

    Speaker: Jason Guynes
    The Gospel is for all peoples & the Christian is called to Proclaim Christ to them. Who do you consciously, or unconsciously deem as unclean or unworthy of the Gospel? Who do you avoid sharing Jesus with?

  • The Ordinary

    Speaker: Jason Guynes
    Today we look at what God can do through ordinary people in the simple proclamation of the Gospel!d

  • To Tell His Story!

    Speaker: Jason Guynes
    This 7 week series, Proclaim, looks at what the early church proclaimed about Jesus. We’ll discover a consistent message of sin, grace & salvation in the name of Jesus, showing the crucifixion & resurrection to be central to faith. If you’re a follower of Jesus, the crucifixion & resurrection of Jesus must be central to faith. Testimony of what He’s done in power through history according to the Scriptures & in us - the mission of all Christians - to tell His Story!d

  • Christ is Risen!

    Speaker: Jason Guynes
    Christ the Lord is risen! Christ’s death & resurrection has freed us from sin & condemnation. We’re called in this freedom to live in the light of His resurrection glory. Resurrection brings salvation, and with salvation comes a new identity in Christ & a hope that surpasses everything. Live into the hope of the resurrection by proclaiming “Christ is risen!” Allow Him to restore your soul through salvation - find in Christ your originally intended purpose & identity once more.

  • Humble Authority

    Speaker: Jason Guynes
    Jesus redefines power by entering Jerusalem with a demonstration of both humility & divine authority. He was not what people expected. We model the humility of Jesus whenever we sacrifice part of our own privilege & power to serve others in Truth & Love of the Gospel.

  • The Reliance of Self

    Speaker: Jason Guynes
    In this story Jesus exorcises a demon from a young boy. One which the Disciples were unable to drive out. As a result, Jesus reprimands them for their failure to trust the One to whom they ought to be praying, but don’t. It would seem they may act in religious ways, but their faith was not placed rightly in prayer - theirs was demonstrated in the reliance of self. But prayer in relationship with Jesus demonstrates a relationship of practical trust in His power to accomplish more than we might ever imagine.

  • Get Out of Your Boat

    Speaker: Jason Guynes
    When Jesus walks on water & invites Peter to do the same, He proclaims He’s the Son of God and, in so doing, strengthens the faith of His disciples. Practicing our faith in new uncomfortable ways forces us to set our fears aside & put our trust in Jesus. We can trust that Jesus is the Great ‘I am’ who comes to us through the darkest storms of life.

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