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Below are past sermons listed by title, series, speaker & passage. There is also a brief description of each for your convenience. Sermons are posted by the end of the day on the Monday following each Sunday. We provide audio & written files along with a pdf of the slides used. Each sermon is color coded in the text to correspond to slide changes. Enjoy!

  • Procrastination

    Speaker: Jason Guynes
    Change is hindered when we put off responsibility. We can't allow procrastination to hinder spiritual growth. But sometimes we avoid the necessary difficulties, conversations, or responsibilities God places before us which would bring it. Passivity is fear and lack of faith, having dire effects on spiritual growth. It stands in the way of that to which God calls, His glory, and which would otherwise grow us.

  • Good Sex(uality)

    Speaker: Jason Guynes
    This is a PG-13 sermon. We’re going to talk about everyone’s favorite subject today, sex. We’ll be candid, because we need to speak clearly on this subject in church. I’ve done my best to word this in a mature & palatable manner.

  • No Pain, No Gain

    Speaker: Jason Guynes
    This four-week series explores the difficulties of change in the Christian life. Through understanding procrastination, sanctification, and the power of cultivating spiritual habits, we see the life-giving process of change in the Christian life. Change is a part of life; it will either bring us closer to God or take us further away. We will take responsibility to follow God in every season of life.

  • Second Chances

    Speaker: Jason Guynes
    As we start the new year, let's remember God's grace brings salvation to everyone, giving us the ability to grow in faith and holiness. We can trust in God's grace to grow us in righteousness this year, with assurance of salvation because God is the god of second chances - every new day brings new mercies!

  • The Savior Comes

    Speaker: Jason Guynes
    Today we celebrate Christmas...the fact that we were helpless to save ourselves, so God entered our reality in the person of Jesus Christ to save us. As a result of Christmas we live with the confidence of God's presence.

  • Prince of Peace

    Speaker: Natalie McDonald
    Today we explore the questions, what is PEACE? What does it mean to serve a Prince of Peace?

  • Get busy

    Speaker: Jason Guynes
    The testimony of Christ’s life & the power of the Holy Spirit aren’t limited to a select few; all who are in Christ are called into ministry of spreading the gospel - in our homes, in our communities & throughout the world. We don’t have to be trained pastors or teachers in order to share the work God has done in our lives with others.

  • Follow Me!

    Speaker: Jason Guynes
    The call to follow Christ isn’t easy. We’re bound to fail. But God’s call on our lives remains unchanged, and He offers full restoration & forgiveness which empower us to carry on when we fall short. The repentant believer’s never disqualified from serving the Lord; rather, our shortcomings can encourage & equip others who may be facing similar struggles.

  • Fear or Hope?

    Speaker: Jason Guynes
    As believers, we’ll have times when we’re at odds with the world when we must choose between fear or hope. Just as the two disciples ran to encourage the Eleven in the story we read today, we should be ready to do the same for those sitting in fear or grief when their faith’s been shaken, or when simple misconception holds them back from Jesus.

  • The Story of Redemption

    Speaker: Jason Guynes
    The story of Christ’s resurrection remains one of the most renown & controversial stories ever told. When sharing the gospel, it’s important to listen & understand how others view Christ based on what they’ve been told.

  • Testimonies

    Speaker: Todd Hall & Kim Guynes
    Testimonies of how knowing Bible Scriptures guided life situations.

  • Better Together
    Speaker: Pastor Jason
    Today we study how being new in Christ means living in light of God’s Word. By studying Scripture in community, we grow to maturity in Christ with the help of fellow Christians.
  • Remember, Remember, Remember
    Speaker: Pastor Jason
    God’s Word is the believer’s source of truth & wisdom. It should be prized & valued in the believer’s life. Today we explore how memorizing Scripture helps followers of Jesus to lean on its truths in all seasons & situations of life.
  • A good Shower
    Speaker: Pastor Jason
    Dallas Willard said, “To dribble a few verses or chapters of Scripture on oneself through the week, in church or out, will not reorder one’s mind & spirit - just as one drop of water every five minutes will not get you a shower, no matter how long you keep it up. You need a lot of water at once & for a sufficiently long time. Similarly for the written Word.” TRUE THAT!
  • Shema
    Speaker: Pastor Jason
    How important is the Word of God in life? The Shema gives us a glimpse.
  • Humble, Honest, Intentional
    Speaker: Pastor Jason
    Today we peek into a conversation between Jesus & the Samaritan woman at the well to allow Jesus to teach us what true worshippers are as He did her.
  • The Giving Church

    Speaker: Pastor Jason
    In this discussion of worship being out of an all encompassing gratitude toward God overflowing to others, we find grateful worship translates to giving community.

  • Preservative & Illuminating

    Speaker: Pastor Jason
    Today we explore who we are in Christ further, and what that means to our worshipful witness.

  • All-Encompassing Gratitude

    Speaker: Pastor Jason
    Today we learn, worship is all-encompassing gratitude, overflowing to others.

  • Story Behind The Story

    Speaker: Pastor Jason
    Does it feel like the Enemy’s winning as you look around at life? Maybe there’s a story behind the story where God is working, and His purposes & promises are being fulfilled over time, but that we must simply remain faithful, even in difficulty.

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