Act Justly. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly.

Our Values

These values are not exhaustive, but they are the four things we try to keep before us and to live well. Each one is expanded in a Mature Christian Profile, which outlines what someone may look like in living out that particular value.

Community Matters

People are infinitely valuable to God

Every person is infinitely valuable to God; we value people and what each person brings to the table. We welcome the curious, disillusioned, and the skeptic. Faith is an adventure to be lived; we are here to help each other on that journey. We intentionally seek to serve one another & the surrounding community in the practical love & message of Jesus. Our decisions together are based on faith, risk, and love. We are a prayerful community, led by the Holy Spirit and the Scriptures. We are externally focused, engaging the surrounding community mainly through their established avenues of service. Our commitment to community drives us to plant new families of faith as far as we can reach. Community: Mature Christian Profile

Grace Matters

Grace is the great distinctive of the Christian faith

Grace is the great distinctive of the Christian faith. Our regard for each other is born out of what we believe to be true of God; the story of Jesus. Therefore, we value authenticity, integrity, love, kindness, gentility, forgiveness, encouragement, serving others in sacrificial ways, etc. We value deeply Jesus' command to love your neighbor as yourself. We live dependent on God's grace daily. Grace: Mature Christian Profile

Story Matters

We are rooted in the story of God

We are rooted in the Scriptures; the Story of a loving God pursuing his children. It is a story in four parts, what it was like (creation), what happened (fall), what it is like now (redemption), and what it will be (restoration). The central character is Jesus who saves by his death, resurrection, loving judgment, and timeless teaching. This story extends through his followers in history. It encompasses and speaks to all issues of life, restoring our relationship to God, and bringing freedom & joy where there was once none. Story: Mature Christian Profile

Passion Matters

We value a lifestyle of holistic passionate worship

In response to the grace extended through Jesus, we value a lifestyle of holistic passionate worship. We seek to offer ourselves as living sacrifices to him in all areas of life; corporately & individually. One experience of this can be found in our weekly gathering in which we strive to create an open, relaxed, interactive & creative atmosphere. However, our worship extends into every aspect of our personal lives in what we believe, value, how we live, think, and treat others. We avoid busyness, but work hard for the joy that has been set before us in Jesus. Our passion for worship extends to the holistic value of God's creation in its entirety. Passion: Mature Christian Profile

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