So All May Know

December 12, 2021

Get busy

Speaker: Jason Guynes
The testimony of Christ’s life & the power of the Holy Spirit aren’t limited to a select few; all who are in Christ are called into ministry of spreading the gospel - in our homes, in our communities & throughout the world. We don’t have to be trained pastors or teachers in order to share the work God has done in our lives with others.

December 5, 2021

Follow Me!

Speaker: Jason Guynes
The call to follow Christ isn’t easy. We’re bound to fail. But God’s call on our lives remains unchanged, and He offers full restoration & forgiveness which empower us to carry on when we fall short. The repentant believer’s never disqualified from serving the Lord; rather, our shortcomings can encourage & equip others who may be facing similar struggles.

November 28, 2021

Fear or Hope?

Speaker: Jason Guynes
As believers, we’ll have times when we’re at odds with the world when we must choose between fear or hope. Just as the two disciples ran to encourage the Eleven in the story we read today, we should be ready to do the same for those sitting in fear or grief when their faith’s been shaken, or when simple misconception holds them back from Jesus.

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