June 5, 2022

Redemptive Analogies

Speaker: Jason Guynes
Today we look at the fact that God has prepared the way for the Gospel to go out to all peoples. He’s planted a redemptive analogy among peoples in their cultures to bridge them to the Gospel! This is illustrated in Acts 17, and in many other missionary stories! The first church proclaimed that the unknown God had become known through Jesus. All truth is God’s truth; there are many things in this world which can encourage faith & lead unbelievers to Jesus.

May 29, 2022

By Faith Alone

Speaker: Jason Guynes
Sometimes things don’t go as planned. No matter how faithful you are, no matter how much attention to detail you put into your next step, the unexpected can still happen, and you can find yourself far from where you thought you’d be. The first church proclaimed salvation came through faith alone. When you’re faced with great failure, remember: all you need to do to be saved is believe in Jesus.

May 22, 2022

By Grace Alone

Speaker: Jason Guynes
How people are saved is still an important question today as it was for the early church. From the writings of Paul & in Acts 15 we see certain Jewish believers were following Paul around & after he left they’d tell the gentile converts they weren’t fully saved unless they were circumcised & followed the Law of Moses placing upon them unnecessary requirements for salvation. Today we explore more clearly the answer to the question, how are we saved?

May 15, 2022

All Our Hopes and Fears

Speaker: Jason Guynes
The theme of Messianic prophecy deeply appeals to people - many a story is written with that theme. The Gospel’s from the beginning, God defines our worldview from the start. From the beginning of Scripture we see the Good News, Glad Tidings, what we call the Euangelion. How does this give us an eternal perspective & bring hope in our time of need? How are all our hopes & fears of all the years met in Jesus?

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