Grow in Grace

September 18, 2022

False Teachers

Speaker: Jason Guynes
The original church fathers fought for the good of the Church and preserving the excellencies of Christ found in the Scriptures. In the first few centuries the Church saw heretics arise with errant ideas undermining the nature of Christ, and the Gospels core message. Which do we face now?

September 11, 2022


Speaker: Jason Guynes
The Scriptures/Bible are trustworthy because of the eyewitness testimony of the apostles to the historical event of Christ's death and resurrection, but also because of the trustworthiness of the Law and Prophets found in the Old Testament. Believers can read the Bible knowing what is written within its pages has been tested and true!

September 5, 2022

Living Virtuously

Speaker: Jason Guynes
Purity in Christ is more precious than life! The Church must be diligent in recognizing false teachers and doctrine while trusting fully in the Bible. By learning to recognize false teachers, we are able to identify those who teach Truth and by living into God's Truth we can grow in grace including Christian virtues.

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