Grow in Grace

October 16, 2022


Speaker: Jason Guynes
In the exciting short book of Haggai, we see God’s call on Israel to get back to the building of His HOUSE. In this we see parallels to ourselves, how we’re called away from building our own kingdom, and back to the building of God’s. Join us as we explore this vital short story in the history of Israel, and what it means to us now as the Church of God.

October 10, 2022

God’s Gifts

Speaker: Jason Guynes
God wants us to use His gifts, not hoard them, being willing to take wise risks with His money. We’re urged to do something with what God entrusts to us! When we finally stand before Christ, we want to be able to say, “Master, this is what you gave me, and this is what I’ve done to grow it for you.”

October 2, 2022

Your Mission

Speaker: Jason Guynes
There’s work to be done, the Day of the Lord is before us, and we don’t know the hour of its coming. So, in the meantime, the church is called to witness for Christ in the world - otherwise, it’s not the church. Some are called witness to people groups oversees, some just right where they are, but wherever you find yourself, that’s the mission field God’s called you to serve.

September 25, 2022


Speaker: Jason Guynes
With biblical assurance, Gods people endure in awaiting Christs 2nd coming, even when others mock, perceiving it to be aimless and purposeless. Faithful Christian living enables us to await the coming of Christ with patience, humility and endurance.

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