May 14, 2023

Walk in the Spirit

Speaker: What would it look like this week not to participate in the struggle for approval and success in any way? How would that make you different? What would it do to your emotional health and well-being? To your relationships? The answer comes in walking in the Spirit!

May 7, 2023

Adoption to Sonship

Speaker: God has brought us into His household. Adopted as sons and daughters, everything is okay between us now due to Christs death and resurrection! The question is, do we live our daily lives as if that’s true?

April 30, 2023

Modus Operandi

Speaker: Do you share law or grace with others? Are you a rule-keeper who judges others by how well they keep the rules, or a grace-giver overflowing with good favor and forgiveness? We must remember, only the God of all grace saves. Our witness must be focused on His grace.

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