3 Circles

October 30, 2022


Speaker: Jason Guynes
God has a design for our lives, but we depart from His design and end up in brokenness. Last week we saw how Jesus left us with a mission to make disciples of all peoples. To tell them the good news that God made a way for them to live the way they were designed to live. We’re learning a relational, conversational way to bring them the help they need through the Gospel of Jesus.

October 25, 2022

God’s Design

Speaker: Jason Guynes
God has a design for our lives. Everything Jesus did and said is of utmost importance; we make it our goal to be as familiar as possible with Him and His teaching. But, if last words are important, His last were our call to be His witnesses to all peoples. Today’s the beginning of 3 weeks of simple training to do that by way of the 3 Circle model.

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