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Don’t Just Grow Old, Grow Up

Jason Guynes
James 1:1 (NIV) Read...
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Not everyone who grows old, grows up. As we start this series on the book of James that is what we will be addressing - spiritual maturity. How does the risen Jesus transform us? How does Jesus filter down & out into a practical life of faith? James addresses a few important doctrinal issues; God is holy (1:13), a giver of good gifts (v. 17), and the Father of His people (3:9). Sin infects human nature (1:14–15) and expresses itself in anger (v. 20), immorality (v. 21), discrimination (2:9–11), bitterness, and out of control passions (4:1–3). James is concerned with a faith which works itself out in a godly life. James is interested in the impact of faith on the life of the believer. For James it was not just "believing the right things." Or, adding to head knowledge alone which makes a true believer. He would say that kind of faith is worthless, only a faith that transforms our hearts leading to a godly life is useful.