Below are past sermons listed by title, series, speaker & passage. There is also a brief description of each for your convenience. Sermons are posted by the end of the day on the Wednesday following each Sunday. We provide audio & written files along with a pdf of the slides used. Each sermon is color coded in the text to correspond to slide changes. Enjoy!

Advent: Inbreaking

The Power of Peace

Jason Guynes
Luke 2:13-14 (NIV) Read...
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How has Christ brought Peace when we look out upon a world filled with Chaos? That’s the question we struggle with today. We find that Peace exists not in the absence of surrounding danger, or turmoil, but in the presence of God’s reign reflected in the hearts & actions of his people. 

Advent: Inbreaking

The Power of Hope

Luke 1:42-45 (NIV) Read...
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Elizabeth’s greeting of Mary illustrates the delight of the expectant heart in Christ’s appearing. It is a greeting of Hope. Hope which we expect in the coming of Christ as Advent begins! Expectation feeds hope. Hope births gratitude. And Hope pays off!