Nicodemus, disillusioned with religion, recognized something different in Jesus and came to him one evening. Jesus' words were challenging & powerful, "You must be born of water & Spirit". As a community of faith, we continue to listen to and follow Jesus as he speaks, striving to understand just as Nicodemus did.

John 3:1-21


There is a story of an Ethiopian reading the book of Isaiah; a follower of Jesus asks him, "Do you understand what you are reading?" The man replied that he wanted to, but how could he without help. The journey of faith is done in community, wrestling with questions collectively. We don't have all the answers, but we journey towards Jesus together.

Acts 8:26-40


Questions are good. Thomas had them, and Jesus was not threatened by them. He invites sincere questions from those who want to know him. Even the most learned have them: deep questions, simple questions, frightening questions; none are threatening. Thomas found his answers in relationship with Jesus and the faith community.

John 20:24-31


Paul met a group of spiritually devout people in his travels. Like him, they were on a journey of faith. In the center of town he noticed a sculpture dedicated to 'an unknown god'. Paul shared about his journey with Jesus & the unknown became known.

Acts 17:16-34

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